After 37 years, and thousands of brake boosters, Steve Gregori, has decided to retire and sell his business. My wife Norine and I have purchased the business from Steve effective 5/20/2020.

I have known Steve, done business with him, and been friends with him for many years. Our intention is to keep things as close as possible to the way that Steve has done them since 1983. Steve will remain as a technical adviser for as long as is necessary to assure a smooth transition of the business. We will continue to use the same platers, suppliers and polishers that Steve has used for the entire time that he has been in business, to ensure consistency and continued high quality.

I have been in the car hobby for many years and I know many of you personally. This includes working on and providing parts for many national award-winning cars. Norine and I look forward to serving you.

Mike Gibbons