Q. When is the best time of the year to send my parts?
A. My busiest time is from January to June. (Car shows are coming!) The fall is the slowest. Shorter turn around times would be in the fall.

Q. Will I get my OWN parts back?
A. The parts you send, will be the parts you get back unless we mutually decide they need replacement.

Q. Why polish my parts?
A. Polishing is only done at the customer’s request and then only to remove unsightly blemishes from rust pits, sandblasting or scratches. Parts are then textured to bring them closer to an original look prior to plating.

Q. What should I expect when the face of my booster needs polishing?
A. You should expect most, if not all, of the pits to be gone. Some places, such as the edge of the face or around the master cylinder studs cannot be polished without risking damage. After texturing, the part is plated. What you wind up with is a part that looks much nicer the it would have with pits. Remember that while the parts weren’t polished originally, they also weren’t pitted from the factory originally!

Q. How does my plating compare to the original?
A. The plating I offer is the optimum quality of plating for each color. There are many pro’s & con’s to be discussed on this subject, but few a thoughts to keep in mind are:
1. This is quality plating to enhance the restoration of your favorite vehicle.
2. Production plating from most manufacturers ran the gamut from terrible to pretty nice! I’ve taken apart boosters where the back half was almost black and the front half gold. What restorer would accept that now?
3. See my “Original Booster Plating” page.

Q. How much will this box of plating cost?
A. This is a very risky question to answer over the phone. The answer is based on several factors:
1. How many pieces?
2. How many types of plating?
3. Size of the pieces.
4. Are they being barrel plated (cheaper, but not always better) or hand wired in strands (better, but not cheaper).
5. Finally, visual assessment is usually required to give a fair quote.

Q. How long will the plating last?
A. With proper storage, etc. I’ve had many reports of items I’ve plated for customer’s still looking great 10, 15, 18, a or even 23 years later. In contrast, a vehicle stored incorrectly will not give nearly that length of service. Of course with bad storage conditions, the whole car will suffer, not just your zinc plating. Read your Product Care Instructions completely.

Q. What kind of warranty can I expect?
A. All items are restored to Your Satisfaction. Plating is warranted for 1 year, subject to storage conditions and as long as you follow the Product Care Instructions. Boosters have a warranty on their operation no matter how long you have them. Exceptions, of course are damage or misuse.