Below is a list of Brake Boosters and other parts available for “Outright Purchase”. Please click on the manufacturer link below for a complete listing of model/year and pricing. Plus, check out the Booster Rebuilding, Pit Polishing, and Other Parts for Sales listings.


ChevroletModels include Impala, Chevelle, Camaro, Nova, Corvette, and Pick-ups.


BuickModels include Full Size, Skylark, and Riviera.


OldsmobileModels include Full Size, Cutlass, and Toronado.


PontiacModels include Full Size, GTO/Tempest, and Firebird.


CadillacModels include Coupe DeVille and Sedan DeVille.

Other Parts for Sale

  • Master Cylinder Covers: Most are $30.00 & up each. Master Cylinder clips for cars with one clip to hold the cover down are $20.00 each, plated silver (plus UPS).
  • Proportioning Valve Brackets: $35.00 & up (plus UPS).

Booster Rebuilding

Most ’64 & Up Boosters are $235.00 to rebuild and replate.

Pit Polishing

    • Pieces are polished to remove rust pits if they’re not too deep.
    • $55.00 for front half of booster.
    • $110.00 total to polish both halves of booster.


  • $55.00 to replace rear hubs on most ’64-’72 when they arrive broken.

Master Cylinder and Valve Restoration