Shipping Charges:

All charges are based on the weight and destination of your package. Minimum charge is $8.00. All parts are normally shipped via UPS. The U.S. Post Office may be used when necessary. Shipping charges are in addition to quoted plating prices.
UPS Stores shipping:

First let me say that I am a UPS shipper and have been for 30 years, but I think you as a customer need to know that if you plan to ship to me via UPS, it is best to use a UPS terminal to do this. The reason for this is that the UPS Stores you see scattered in your town are privately owned and the prices they can charge are not regulated by UPS. Some customers have told of outrageous charges at some of these stores. They don’t all charge like they’re trying to pay their house off that day, but do your homework before dropping off your package.

Go to to figure what your package might cost at a UPS terminal, if you pack your own box and drop it off. If you have the UPS Store pack your parts, you need to pay them for their time and materials…..

Hope this helps save you some money!

Shipping Hints:

When packing brake boosters for shipping, the part that needs to be protected is the rod going to the brake pedal. Bumping this rod sideways, may cause the rear hub to break.

Do Not remove front pushrod from your booster. This is required in order to rebuild your booster. Double bag or double box small parts by color of plating to avoid mixing during shipping. USE LOTS OF PACKING!!! If in doubt, call first.

When packaging your parts for shipping, keep in mind that you may know what is in that bag of bolts, etc., and how it needs to be plated, but I do not. With that in mind, please observe the following suggestions:

  1. Mark all large parts with type of plating needed.
  2. Box parts to be plated the same color separately within a larger box so that they can’t mix in transit. Zip lock bags may leak during transit.
  3. Use plenty of packing material to protect your parts and to keep them from damaging the box and possibly falling out.
  4. Remember to provide adequate insurance on your package enroute to me in case of damage or loss.
  5. The stiffer the cardboard, the better the box.
  6. Always put a note inside the box with phone numbers so I may contact you upon it’s arrival.
  7. Shipping via UPS may take from 1 to 7 days depending on your location. Plan accordingly.
  8. If in doubt, call or email.

Booster Packing:

See the photo below below which shows you the best way to keep from breaking the rear hub on your booster. Use zip ties, as pictured, to immobilize the rod between the brackets.

Sample A
Sample A

Sample B
Sample B