Clear Zinc

Clear ZincClear Zinc (Silver) for disc brake dust shields, coil brackets, pulleys, fans, bolts, fasteners, jack shafts, etc… Click here for details.

Zinc Dichromate

Zinc Dichromate (Gold Iridite) for boosters, master cylinder covers, disc brake caliper brackets, smog parts, misc. brackets, jack hafts, etc… Click here for details.

Zinc Phosphate

Zinc PhosphateZinc Phosphate (Charcoal Gray & Black) for hood hinges, hood latches, shift rods, carb. linkage, etc… Click here for details.

Black Zinc

Black ZincBlack Zinc (Satin) for nuts, bolts, hardware, etc… Click here for details.



  • Alternator Fan & Pulley – $25.00 each, $50.00 for both (plus UPS).
  • Hood hinges, springs & latches in Gray Phosphate – $175.00 plus UPS.
  • Bumper Jack shaft – $75.00 (plus UPS).
  • Dust Shields & Caliper brackets – $125.00 per car plus UPS. The shields are silver plated and the brackets are gold plated.

Other pieces priced upon receipt. All items must be free of paint and undercoating prior to shipping to me to avoid paint stripping charges. Parts that are due to be phosphate plated can be sandblasted. You should never sandblast parts to be plated gold, silver, or black. If you have any questions, please call or email prior to shipping the parts.