I’ve been offering restoration services for proportioning valves and metering blocks for many years now. I also offer restoration services for the splitter block, that’s mounted on the frame and detailing services for master cylinders, once you’ve had them sleeved. On this page, you’ll see photos of valve assemblies for 1967-1970 GM cars. I don’t restore the combination valves used after 1970. Correct master cylinders and valves may be available for your car. Please inquire.

Prices are as follows:

Proportioning valves 1967-1970 $90

1969 Proportioning Valve

1970 Proportioning Valve

1967-68 GTO Proportioning Valve

The valves are disassembled, the cast housing is grey phosphate coated, the hex nut on certain 1969 valves is silver zinc plated, otherwise it’s grey phosphate coated. New seals are installed and all internal parts cleaned and valve is reassembled. A new rear boot is $20, if needed. This boot is a dust boot and doesn’t act as a fluid seal. See photos.

Master cylinder detailing 1964 to 1980 $60-$85

1967 and Up Disc Master Cylinder 1967 and Up Drum Master Cylinder 1970 and Up Disc Master Cylinder

The master cylinder, once you’ve had it sleeved, can be detailed with a grey phosphate coating or a semi-gloss black paint finish, depending on what your car had originally. Since this subject is a difficult one to nail down, as to what cars had what finishes, you’ll have to specify what finish you require. If your master needs to be grey phosphate, you’ll have to leave the pistons out for that finish to be applied. Painted master cylinders can have the pistons installed prior to me receiving them. Bleeder screws are finished in sliver zinc. See photos.

Splitter Blocks and bracket: 1964-1972 $65

Splitter Block